Being different

My sister and I come from the same womb. Same father. Brought up the same way. Granted she is 9 years older than I am, but surely the people doing the bringing up won’t have changed their methods in any fundamental way in that time.

Yes people are born different. Yes our experiences shape and mould us into who we ultimately become. However, surely genes and upbringing play a large part of the becoming of an individual?

So why does my sister so often look at me like I am from another planet? We are different in almost every discernible way, and that is how it should be I guess. We are each our own person. However, I find it odd that she finds fundamental parts of my nature to be so woo hoo and out there.

What I consider family for example.

Living alone and having no significant others, I pour my love and affection into my animals. I don’t think my sister has ever lived alone for significant periods and perhaps that is why she does not understand. She also has 2 kids to nurture, in her way of nurturing.

I’m not saying I dress them up and pretend they are human. I fully allow them to be the doggies that they are. I just rotate my world around them.

My sister finds this woo hoo.

I find her finding it woo hoo, woo hoo.

So maybe what we have is a woo hoo cuddling up to a riddle, that is wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma?

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