10 reasons to subscribe and like my blog!

10 reasons to subscribe and like my blog:

  1. If you know me, you know that I am fabulous. I certainly tell you that often enough for you to have been brainwashed.
  2. If you don’t know me, trust me when I tell you that I am fabulous. Really, really fabulous. No really. I promise. Take my word for it.
  3. I have freckles and dyed brown originally ginger hair and green eyes. Witchy witch anyone. No not really. Just cursed blessed with never really being able to love the sun. Or sunshine. Or midday activities in the middle of summer.
  4. I am not always sarcastic. Sometimes I am eating. And sleeping. But when I am sarcastic, I am funny as CRAP! You should stick around just for that show.
  5. I have been described as ‘Different’. With a capital D…. ‘Different’ lends itself to entertainment and laughter and deep soulful ‘stuff’.
  6. Did you see the bit about Freckles? The thing people don’t realize is just how many (read ALL) freckled people are awesome. I call it freckle blindness. Name one person you know with freckles? You can’t can you. You stop seeing the freckles because you are blinded by the relative awesomeness of that person. Now think of that one truly awesome person you know? I bet you anything they have freckles.
  7. I have a menagerie. A medium sized barely controlled menagerie that provides fodder for many a blog post. Like this one. Or this one. Or even this one. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is sad. Sometimes it is just in passing. But always know this. My animals are part of what makes my soul shine.
  8. My cat is on YouTube. Just by association that makes me fabulous / awesome / the best thing since avo chocolate mousse.
  9. My family and friends are …. Quirky…. Yes quirky. That I what I am going with. Soooo much fodder.
  10. I am convinced that I am going to be famous one day. When I am, you can be one of the souls that say you were around when I only had 10 subscribers…. Well more famous that I am now anyway.
  11. Bonus point – I really am fabulous.
  12. Extra bonus point – Freckles.
  13. Extra Extra bonus point – cat on YouTube. A ginger one.

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