The Story of a Life

Today, I felt Reproach

Anyone who even vaguely knows me, knows that I believe in my God fiercely! Not your God, not the God of bibles or organized religion. Rather, the Being that I can sometimes see in my daily life. The Being that,… Continue Reading →

A friend named Tess

I have a friend.  She has multiple sclerosis.  Her name is Tess.  She tagged me in one of those Facebook picture quotes today. Me specifically. Like I was something special. Or had done something special.  She sees herself as broken…. Continue Reading →

The Waiting. For Ron.

I met traumatic death young. 15 to be exact. On a rather lovely Friday 1 June 1990, I came home from babysitting the neighbours kids at around 00h15. I went into my parents room where they were watching some late… Continue Reading →


Everyone gets sad sometimes. When we think about the things we have lost. The things that have lost us. But mostly I think we get sad when we focus too intently on the things that we never had. Today is… Continue Reading →

Moving. Moving on.

I moved again. I packed up my little house of fur and things, and trekked to another place to fill with echoes. In the moving, I found all these old report cards from when I was a child. 7 or… Continue Reading →


  I did 6 full sit-ups today. Doesn’t sound like allot does it? Sounds piffy and trite. 6 sit ups. Everyone else did 20. I only did 6. Words can have so much power when you give them a chance…. Continue Reading →

Life and loss

They say it gets easier with time. It really doesn’t. You just learn to live with it. You make a little space in your soul for the loss. The missing. The profound ache. You make a little space in your… Continue Reading →

For Blommie.

Like a ton of bricks. Like the world ending. Like the whisper of death in a war. Like the sound of nails running across chalkboard, never ending. Like the whisper of desolation across your soul. I’m sorry, your mother is… Continue Reading →

I will wait.

I am not quite sure why, but today I thought about death. About suddenly passing on, with no goodbyes. No final curtains. No warning. I thought about what would be left. What is still unsaid. What will maybe never be… Continue Reading →

10 reasons to subscribe and like my blog!

10 reasons to subscribe and like my blog: If you know me, you know that I am fabulous. I certainly tell you that often enough for you to have been brainwashed. If you don’t know me, trust me when I… Continue Reading →

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